Retained remote service contracts

We work with our clients to build Operational processes that work in conjunction with our Commercial management processes. These systems can be used for valuations, including any variations, through to final accounts and provide real time financial data for individual projects. These services can be provided remotely therefore reducing client overheads.

Building and Consultancy services

SurveyorsRus are able to provide building consultancy services to both Main Contractors and Subcontractors, this can include preparation of construction programmes, preparation of tenders and dealing directly with your supply chain.

Tender preparation, measurement and submission

¬†Outsourcing the measurement and preparation of tenders can add significant value by releasing time for our client’s management team. Cyclical tenders for example can often require detailed measurement of multiple locations, and accurate surveys are vital to ensure tenders are accurate and viable.

Cyclical Decoration and Repairs Services

With our experience within this field we have partnered with some of the most reliable and professional contractors to carry out these works ensuring we can always offer our client the best value for money.

Commercial Risk Analysis

Project cost risk analysis examines the risks to the project and specifies how they may affect the project schedule and costs. Our experienced staff can provide an independant assessment allowing our clients to reduce the risk of project over-runs and costs.

Mentoring and Training

It has long been recognised that the construction industry needs to improve the quality and quantity of the available workforce at all levels. For businesses, mentoring provides an alternative/supplement to traditional training methods and SurveyorsRus can provide mentors and appropiate training to ensure client's and their workforce reach their potential.

We offer tailored services to deliver and manage construction, infrastructure and built asset projects and portfolios.

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